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Learn more about your bird/parrot inside and out. Hear what the experts have to say about all aspects of avian anatomy. Find out about general avian or parrot anatomy, what makes a parrot a parrot, see diagrams of the wing and skeleton, learn about the respiratory system, things you can tell from feathers, molting, eyes, ears, beak, reproduction, urinary systems, the digestive tract, and an avian glossary of ecternal anatomy all from leading veterinarians and experts in the field.

Avian Anatomy   Avian Anatomy
  1.   General Anatomy

    1.   Diagrams
  2.   Beak

  3.   Digestive Tract

  4.   Ears

  5.   Eyes

  6.   Feathers & Molting

  7.   Reproduction

  8.   Respiratory System

  9.   Urinary System

  10.   External Anatomy Glossary